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Velveteen Lops For Sale

Vevleteen Lops for Sale

On this page you will see pictures and information on the Velveteen Lops we have for sale. Pictures usually include an attempted pose (posed how the breed standard calls for this breed to be posed), and another image. 

If you have any questions or are interested in any of the rabbits please feel free to contact me at [email protected]  

If you are interested in knowing the ear length on the Velveteen Lop babies please let me know, and I will check my records for their most recent ear length, or depending on how long ago I last measured I may go remeasure ear length. 

Rabbits on this page will either say "AVAILABLE" meaning that the rabbit is still available or it will say "Waiting to receive deposit" which means that someone is seriously interested in the rabbit and has told me that the deposit has been sent and I am waiting to receive the deposit. You are welcome to still inquire about a rabbit that I am waiting to receive deposit on - if for some reason the deposit does not actually come I can let you know. Once deposit has been received the rabbit is either marked as reserved or removed from sale page. 

My rabbits are purebred, and all have full pedigrees. Pedigrees are available, however pedigrees may not be included or placed with all rabbits.  Please specify if you would like a pedigree with your rabbit. 

Each rabbit will come with a small bag of transition feed, a small amount of hay, and a toy. 

Please be prepared for your new bunny before he/she comes home! Please have all the necessities at home before bunny comes home. Now sure what to get? Check out our Bringing Bunny Home page. 

Sales information

PLEASE READ MY SALES POLICY BEFORE INQUIRING ABOUT A RABBIT - you can read my sales policy on the sales policy page of my website.  

As you will read in my sales policy rabbits are sold on a first come first serve basis and a 50% deposit is required to reserve a rabbit. I am accepting deposits to reserve available Velveteen Lops. 

The storybook rabbit is real! 


No Velveteen Lops listed at this time, however there are Holland Lops for sale check out the Holland Lops for sale page for available Holland Lops


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  • "My male Velveteen, Baloo, from Kim is the absolute best! He is so affectionate, not at all skittish, and is such a character. True to bunny nature, he can be a little mischievou..."
  • "We got a velveteen buck from her in August. He is one of the nicest rabbits! I am a middle school teacher and take him with me most days! He has his home cage and his school cag..."
    Mary Clements
  • "I have a female velveteen since August and she is healthy and so lovable. She loves people, car rides, and having full run of the house."
    Taylor Sprenkle