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Cleaning Tips
  • When you clean your rabbit's cage/hutch make sure you get rid of all the waste. It would also be a good idea to dispose of the waste further away from your rabbit's cage/hutch so it does not attract pests. To clean pans, trays, or the cage you can use soap and water, or you can also use Clorox. Make sure you rise it off afterwards so your rabbit does not ingest any soap or Clorox.


Food and Water Container Tips...

Metal dishes. They are also good to use in the winter if you use a water bottle because the water in it freezes and its easier to put fresh water in.

Metal feeders. These are nice to have because you can just refill the feeder, but the only problem with these is that they can get moldy if you don't clean them out.  

Ceramic crocks. They are great if your rabbit tips its food bowl over.

Water bottles. Make sure you clean these properly and keep fresh water in them, otherwise algae will appear.

Wooden crocks. These are good to have so your rabbit can chew on this crock when you can also still put their food in it.


Make sure when you clean the water bottles or crocks that you make sure there isn't soap or anything left on them that can harm the rabbit if ingested.


Hot Weather Tips


You can freeze water or soda bottles and then you can put them in the rabbit's cage for them to lay by and they can cool down that way. The bottles can also be reused.

You could also use a fan to get the air circulating, but don't have it directly towards the rabbit. 

 Tiles can be put into the cage/hutch for the rabbit to lay on and to use to keep cool. 

Pest Control Tips


To keep away pests away from your rabbits or they're cage, keep the cage clean, throw away trash, and if there is any fresh foods in the cage take the uneaten fresh food (such as fruits or vegetables) away after about an hour or so, so  it doesn't attract pests.



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  • "My male Velveteen, Baloo, from Kim is the absolute best! He is so affectionate, not at all skittish, and is such a character. True to bunny nature, he can be a little mischievou..."
  • "We got a velveteen buck from her in August. He is one of the nicest rabbits! I am a middle school teacher and take him with me most days! He has his home cage and his school cag..."
    Mary Clements
  • "I have a female velveteen since August and she is healthy and so lovable. She loves people, car rides, and having full run of the house."
    Taylor Sprenkle