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Kim's Hopping Lops' Sales Policy

Please read our entire sales policy! Thank you!

General Information

All rabbits must be at least eight weeks old when they go to their new homes.

Sales to anyone under the age of 18 years old must have a parent’s consent.


On occasion I may be looking for a new rabbit to show and to add to my  breeding program. If you have a rabbit you are interested in trading for one of my rabbits please send me all information (including date of birth, color, weight, ear length, lines, colors behind the rabbit, any information you can provide on sire,dam etc, personality, health, etc) and current pictures of the rabbit you want to trade. In order for me to consider accepting a rabbit it must fit at least the following requirements : must be healthy, purebred, come with its full pedigree, be show/brood quality - must be a Holland Lop or Velveteen Lop.

Waiting List

I do keep a waiting list for people looking to get a rabbit from me. If there is anything specific that you are looking for (such as breed, gender, color, age, quality, etc) please note that when you contact me. At this time I am notifying people by e-mail so please include your e-mail address as well as your name along with what you are interested in. I do my best to keep tract of and notify everyone who asks to be notified. 

Please keep in mind I have first pick. Please keep in mind that once I start accepting deposits for rabbits it is first come first serve, meaning that whoever reserves a rabbit first gets that rabbit. Being on my waiting list does not guarantee you will get the rabbit you are waiting for. I cannot guarantee that any of my rabbits will produce the rabbit you desire. I do not start accepting deposits until after  I have decided on which rabbit(s) I am keeping or do not want to keep to show or potentially add to the breeding program after he/she matures. When I start accepting deposits I contact the people that are interested and I put it on our website ( and our Facebook page (“Kim’s Hopping Lops” - I do recommend keeping an eye on the website as on occasional I may miss notifying someone. 

Appointments Required

An appointment is required to come see a rabbit and to come pick up a rabbit. This is not a pet store or petting zoo and there are not set days and hours in which I allow visitors. I do not have rabbits for sale all the time. My rabbitry is a closed rabbitry for the health and safety of my rabbits as well as other factors. Pictures of the rabbits I have including rabbits that are for sale (if there are any rabbits for sale) can be seen on my website and Facebook page. Please contact me to see if there are rabbits available, and for an appointment to come see the rabbit(s). When you contact me please let me know what you rabbit(s) are seriously interested in possibly purchasing. I only show rabbits that are for sale, and out of those rabbits the rabbit, the rabbit(s) that the person coming is seriously interested in. For privacy and safety reasons my exact address is not posted on my website - please contact me for an appointment, or if you're reserving or picking up a rabbit and you will get the address as well as your appointment date/time. If you do not wish to reserve a rabbit, please remember to contact me prior to coming out for your appointment to ensure the rabbit(s) is/are still available - as well as to confirm that you are still planning on coming out. If for any reason you are unable to make it to your appointment please let me know as soon as possible. 

Deposit Information 

Deposits are nonrefundable.

If you would like to purchase one of the rabbits that I have for sale and would like to leave a non-refundable deposit I would be happy to hold one of the rabbits for you, but it is first come first serve. It is not uncommon for multiple people to inquire about one rabbit. A 50% deposit is required in order to reserve a rabbit. 

Before sending in a deposit please contact me (e-mail: [email protected]) to make sure that the rabbit is still available. When you are ready to send in your deposit and contact me to ensure that rabbit is still available please let me know how you would like to make the deposit and request information on how to make the deposit. 

Please let me know when you actually send in your deposit. Please do not tell me you are sending in a deposit unless you actually are. If for any reason you have told me you are sending in a deposit and for some reason change your mind and do not send in a deposit please let me know as soon as possible so I am not turning away other people who are interested in that rabbit. 


I accept cash, PayPal, and check payment methods for the deposit. The deposit must be 50% of the price of the rabbit. 

Deposits made by cash or check may be made in person or can be mailed to me.  

If you are sending me a check for the deposit please make sure you make the check out correctly otherwise I will not be able to accept it or deposit it. Please make sure the envelope is addressed correctly so it is mailed it to the correct address otherwise I will not receive it.   If you reserve the rabbit with a check, you cannot take the rabbit home until your check has been deposited and cleared (and until the rabbit is eight weeks old or older). Deposits mailed I wait five days to receive (please note that most mail is received within three days). The check is to be written out to me, not the rabbitry name Kim's Hopping Lops. Checks made out to "Kim's Hopping Lops" will not be accepted. You must contact me for deposit information and my address (my exact address is NOT on my website for privacy and safety reasons).

Deposits that are made by PayPal are done over the internet on money sent through PayPal is received right away. When you pay by PayPal - PayPal can charge that to your debit or credit card (payments made through PayPal are the only way I accept credit or debit payments). If you choose to pay by PayPal please include the 3% that PayPal charges me. Because PayPal sends money right away I only allow one day to for the deposit to be received. Please contact me before sending a deposit via PayPal so that way you know the correct e-mail address the deposit is sent to via PayPal. 

 If I do not receive the deposit within the above mentioned time period that rabbit will become available for someone else to reserve.  

As soon as I get a chance to after I receive your deposit I will notify you that I have received it and mark the rabbit as “reserved.” If a rabbit is marked “reserved” this means that we have received 50% of the price of the rabbit and we are holding the rabbit for the person who sent us the deposit.

When you send in a deposit please include the information on exactly which rabbit you are placing the deposit on to reserve and please include that you understand and accept all terms of our sales policy.

When you come to pick up the rabbit the other 50% of his or her price must be paid at that time in cash.  Cash is the only accepted payment method at time of pick up. 

If the rabbit is under eight weeks old when you reserve him or her, he or she will be held until he or she turns eight weeks old. Please set up a day and time to pick up the rabbit. If the rabbit is eight weeks old or older when you send us a deposit for him or her, the deposit reserves that rabbit for you for a period of ten days unless we both agree upon something else. If the ten days ends and you have not picked up your rabbit, or made other arrangements with me to pick up the rabbit, the rabbit will be put back up for sale and your money will not be refunded in this situation. If you wish for me to hold the rabbit for you for more than the ten days there is a boarding fee per day. Because each rabbit requires food, water, its own individual cage, attention, care, and our time there is a boarding fee. The boarding fee starts at $3 per rabbit per day - please contact me for current boarding fees. If the rabbit is over eight weeks old when you reserve it, and I have agreed to hold the rabbit for you for the more than ten days the rabbit and boarding fee must be paid for in full, before boarding period begins. If the rabbit is under eight weeks old and I have agreed to hold the rabbit for you more than the 10 days after the rabbit turns eight weeks old, the rabbit and boarding fee must be paid for in full by the time the rabbit turns eight weeks old. I like for my rabbits to go to their new owners as soon as possible (once they are at least eight weeks old) so that their new owners can start spoiling them and bonding with them.

Deposits Are Not Transferable

Once a deposit is placed to reserve a specific rabbit – it is for that rabbit only. Deposits cannot be switched to another rabbit. If you place a deposit on rabbit and decide that you prefer a different rabbit, the deposit on the rabbit you originally chose will not be refunded or switched to the other rabbit. A new nonrefundable deposit would be required for the rabbit you changed your mind to.

Pricing and Quality

The price of the rabbits is based on their quality (show, pet, or brood), their color, and the color they do or may carry. Rabbits that are rare colors cost more.

Please note that prices on rabbits that are for sale are subject to change at any time (rabbits that are for sale - not rabbits that have already been reserved). This is due various factors, one of which being that the majority of the bunnies I sell are babies, with them being babies not full grown/matured - depending on how they are developing their price may change or stay the same. 

All rabbits: I strive to have quality rabbits in health, personality, type, and color. My rabbits all have very nice lines. My rabbits are all handled on a regular basis. I do not breed animals that I think have health issues and I do not breed anything that I think its offspring would have health issues. Health is very important to me. All rabbits are examined on a regular basis to ensure they are doing well. I am a member of American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC), the Velveteen Lop Rabbit Club of America (VLRCA), as well as I am a former member and current leader of the Berks county 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Club.  Each time a rabbit leaves I hope that he or she is going to his or her forever, loving, caring, home. If you have any questions before committing to a rabbit or even after purchasing a rabbit just let me know and hopefully I can answer your question. However I do ask that all medical questions be directed to a rabbit experienced veterinarian as that is in the best interest of the rabbit. 

Brood rabbits: We hope that if you use a rabbit from us for breeding purposes that he or she will help improve you line, not only in type, but also in color, health and personality. Whether a rabbit is sold as a baby or adult we cannot guarantee its breeding capabilities even if it is a proven rabbit. We cannot guarantee the quality (show, pet, brood) of the rabbit’s offspring (this also is influenced by the rabbit you choose to breed the rabbit to). We also cannot guarantee the number, color, variety, or sex of the rabbit’s offspring. We cannot guarantee how good of a mother a doe will be.

Show rabbits: We cannot guarantee how a rabbit will place when shown. We cannot guarantee that he or she will win or place. Please evaluate the rabbit yourself and determine if the rabbit is show quality in your opinion. You are welcome to view the standard for that breed. You will be the one showing the rabbit.

You are welcome to view breed standard. There is a book called the "Standard of Perfection" that the American Rabbit Breeder's Association sells - that includes the breed standard on all ARBA accepted breeds. There are also other various sources in which the breeds Standards can be found.

One resource that provides the Vevleteen Lop breed's working standard is the Velveteen Lop Rabbit Club of America - the Vevleteen Lop's working standard can be view on the VLRCA's  website at:

The Holland Lop standard can be viewed at on various sources - one example is this website:

Rabbits that are going to pet homes - We reccomend that all rabbits get regular handling, petting, picking up, holding, grooming, etc your rabbit on a regular basis right when you get the rabbit and throughtout its life. Doing this right from the start as well as on a regular basis will help to ensure that the rabbit will get more used to those things and like them more as well as be more cooperative when you want or need to do those things. For rabbits that are not going to be shown or bred, we do reccomend they be spayed/neutered at an early age as this can help them be a better pet as well as it is better for their health and may extend their life. Please contact a rabbit experienced veteririan for more information on spaying and neutering. 

Please note that you are welcome to evaulte the rabbit(s) from pictures, videos, or in person. Pictures/videos or any part of the rabbit, attempt to pose the rabbit to breed standard, etc are available upon request. You are also welcome to request an appointment to come see/meet/evaluate a rabbit in person. 

Please note that I do not sell rabbits for meat/feeder or to produce meat/feeder rabbits.

Cancellation of Sale

I have the right to cancel the sale at any time. In this case, if you have sent me a deposit or paid in full for the rabbit your money will be completely refunded.

If you cancel the sale there is no refund. If you cancel the sale because you no longer are able to get or no longer want the rabbit you have reserved, your deposit will not be refunded. If you have sent  a deposit or paid in full, and you decide can no longer get the rabbit or no longer want the rabbit from – the money paid to reserve the rabbit (even if it is the full payment) will not be refunded.


If for some reason there is an issue with the rabbit and you have already sent me a deposit or paid in full for the rabbit I will explain what the issue is and return your money.

When sexing a rabbit I do my best, but sometimes mistakes can be made. Please sex your rabbit before you leave with him or her (and also if you come see the rabbit before placing a deposit). I check and recheck the rabbit’s sex numerous times before he or she goes to his or her new home. If for some reason I incorrectly sex a rabbit that you have placed a deposit on, and you no longer want the rabbit, due to it being the opposite sex, I will refund your money. If for some I incorrectly sex a rabbit and do not realize it before it leaves, and you leave with that rabbit, the sale is final and no refund will be given when it is discovered that the rabbit was incorrectly sexed. Pictures of a rabbit's gender are available upon request. 

We do our best in determining a rabbit’s color. We provide numerous color pictures of the rabbits to potential owners. If for some reason we incorrectly determine a rabbit’s color there is no refund. Additional pictures of the rabbit are available upon request. 

There are no other reasons (than the above mentioned) for refunds or reimbursements of any kind to be provided.

Location / Transportation

We are located in Fleetwood, PA.

I do not ship rabbits. If you would like to arrange for transportation for a rabbit it is completely up to you to find, arrange, and pay for transportation as well as anything the rabbit may need for transportation (example: carrier).  Before committing to transportation please contact me to make sure the date and time your transporter is coming is convenient for me. I do not travel to meet transporters - transporters must pick up here in Fleetwood, PA. If you arrange for a transporter to transport the rabbit to you – I am not responsible for the rabbit or anything that could happen to him or her during transportation once the rabbit leaves our possession. The rabbit must be paid for in full before we give the rabbit to your transporter. 

If we are going to a show or happen to be going to or through a certain area for whatever reason, and can meet, we would be happy to meet you at the show or other public place and bring the rabbit to you. Meetings are in public locations only.

In any circumstances where we would be to meet you, the rabbit must be paid for in full before we transport the rabbit, and you must confirm that you will be at the agreed upon public place at the agreed time. (I understand that traffic and weather conditions can affect the time you may arrive – but please try to be there at the agreed upon time, and contact me as soon as possible if anything changes.) If for some reason you cannot meet us at the agreed time and place please contact us as soon as possible. In the event that you do not show up to place we agreed to meet at the agreed upon time - the transportation fee and payment of the rabbit will not be refunded.

Cancellation or rescheduling of the rabbit’s transportation must be made 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery day and time.  

Bunny and Friends

I understand that some owners like to add more than one rabbit to the family, or have their new rabbit become friends with their other pets. I can not guarantee how the rabbit and other pet(s) (whether it be another rabbit or not) will interact. No one can guarantee that. 

 Bunnies and Children

I handle my rabbits on a regular basis. I do not see any reason why any rabbit would have any reason not to like a child, or any one of a certain age in particular. I do advise supervising rabbit(s) and children as it is in their best interest. I recommend that children as well as adults all be educated on what to and not to do, how to and not to treat a rabbit, care for them, needs, etc. 

Bringing Your New Rabbit Home 

Before bringing your new rabbit home please have all of the necessary rabbit supplies first. The necessary items include items such as a cage/hutch, feed, water, bowl/feeder, water bowl/bottle, and bedding. Other items such as toys, grooming items, etc are nice to have before the rabbit comes home, but are not likely necessary immodestly, so can be obtained after bringing your rabbit home.

When you come to pick up your new rabbit I ask that you bring the rest of the payment for the rabbit (in cash) at time of pick up. Rabbits may not leave here without being paid for in full. 

Please bring a carrier for your new rabbit to ride home in. I ask this so that way you do not get distracted by the rabbit while you are drive, so the rabbit does not get in the way when you are driving, and so that he or she does not get into anything else you have in your car that he or she should not get into.

Health Guarantee

I guarantee that all rabbits are healthy to the best of my knowledge when the rabbit leaves us. I would not sell a rabbit if I believed that the rabbit is sick.

Once a rabbit leave us I cannot be held responsible for any diseases/illnesses you expose the rabbit to after leaving my rabbitry.

I do not guarantee the rabbit for any diseases/illnesses you expose the rabbit to, improper care or neglect on your behalf, or physical accidents incurred in your care.

I only guarantee the rabbit for the first 48 hours from purchase.  It is within your best interest to take your rabbit to the vet within the first 24 hours. In the event that in the first 48 hours you think the rabbit is sick and wish to return it it should be done as soon as possible so we can get it medical care as soon as possible. The rabbit must be returned in order to receive a refund. 

I are not responsible for any expenses (supplies, general care, veterinarian expenses, etc.) you incur throughout the rabbit’s lifetime.   

Please examine the rabbit before leaving here with him or her. Once you have paid in full and leave here with your rabbit the sale is final. This is whether you pick up the rabbit yourself or you have a friend, family member, transporter, etc pick up the rabbit for you. There should not be any issues but sometimes something can be missed and If there are any issues found when examination of the rabbit has been done I can address that at that time – once the rabbit is paid for in full and  leaves the sale is final. If you or the person picking up the rabbit for you chooses not to fully examine the rabbit that is fine, but the sale is final.   

 Sales are Final

After the rabbit is paid for in full and the rabbit leaves my possession (when he or she is eight weeks old or older) the sale is final. There will be no refunds for any reason.

Rabbit Ownership

Please remember that rabbits are living creatures. They are not toys that can be thrown away when you get bored with them. Just like many other pets rabbits are expected to live for several years and do require proper care and love. 


I hope that all rabbits go to their forever home. If you purchase a rabbit from Kim's Hopping Lops and for any reason you are no longer able to keep the rabbit or no longer want the rabbit I would be more than happy to take him or her back IF I AM ABLE TO and IF I have the space to house the rabbit. My time, cage space, and resources ARE LIMITED so I may not be able to immediately accept a rabbit. There may be a waiting period before I can accept a rabbit. 

There are certain circumstances in which I cannot accept rabbits back. Please contact me regarding this. 

 If you decide you no longer want or can no longer keep the rabbit, you are not required to return the rabbit to Kim's Hopping Lops - You are welcome to place the rabbit on your own.  

Should you decide that you want to return the rabbit to me, you would have to contact me to see I able able to take the rabbit in. If I am able to take the rabbit  you will have to contact me to set up a day and time to bring him or her back, and then bring him or her back at the agreed upon date and time. The price you paid for the rabbit will not be refunded nor will you be reimbursed for any expenses you have had throughout the rabbit’s lifetime. I will either keep the rabbit if I want to and am able to or I will find the rabbit a new loving home. I ask that the rabbit’s supplies (cage, water bottle, bowls, toys, bedding, feed, etc.) be brought back with the rabbit (there will be no reimbursement for these supplies) . I ask this since, you will no longer have the rabbit, therefore you will no longer need his or her things, and because those items will be very helpful to us (especially since cage space is limited) and to help the rabbit's new owner get started (if the supplies have not been used up by the time we find him or her a new owner and if the new owner wants them). 

If I am not able to take the rabbit in I can assist you in finding the bunny a new home by referring people to you who inquire for a rabbit that meets your rabbit's description. 

If I am to place be placing a rabbit into a new home I do need ALL information you can provide on that rabbit as soon as possible as well as recent pictures - this is whether the rabbit is being returned to me or if I am just assisting you in finding the bunny a new home. The sooner you provide me with pictures and information the sooner I can work on finding the bunny a new home.

I have placed multiple bunnies over the years - sometimes bunnies go into the new homes right away, others may be here weeks, months, or year(s). 

Contact Me

Please contact me if you have any questions about our sales policy.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my rabbits, a certain breed, care of your new rabbit, etc - please contact me with any questions and I will do my best to anwser them. 

Please contact me by e-mailing me at [email protected] this is the best way to contact me. 

- Kim

  Kim's Hopping Lops


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