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Expected litter(s)

On this page you may see information on our expected litter(s). 

*Please note that new litters do not show normally up on the nursery page of our website until they are three to four weeks old.  This is also sometimes goes for announcing the litter(s) in general. I like to wait until they are at least a couple weeks old and know everyone is doing well. 

**Please note the expected litters page of my website is not frequently updated and does not always have specific information regarding the expected litters. Therefore if there is anything you would like to know whether it is simply whether or not we are expecting another litter anytime soon, or more specific information regarding the expected litter(s) just feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Expected Holland Lop Litter(s)


January update - I have a young male Holland Lop (August baby) and adult female Holland Lops - all available and ready to go to new homes now. 

May have Holland Lop babies in the spring?


Expected Velveteen Lop Litter(s)


January 2019 update: 

One expected Velveteen Lop litter late January (for updates on this litter check back start mid to late February)



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