Kim's Hopping Lops

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It's always nice to hear how our bunnies are doing in their new homes - thank you to anyone who has let us know how the rabbit(s) they got from us is doing, and or shared pictures of the rabbits they got from us on our Facebook page Kim's Hopping Lops. 

Quotes He is amazing and we love him so much! Just got back from the vet for his check up, he is very healthy! He will be fixed Thurs. He had all the vet techs wrapped around his paw. Thanks again! Quotes
Bronco the Velveteen Lop new owners

Quotes I purchased a chestnut VM male holland lop from Kim and I can honestly say it's easily one of the best decisions I've ever made! He has such an amazing temperament. He loves to be cuddled, he's curious, and surprisingly not scared of anything! I am so thankful I found Kims rabbitry, she was professional, very helpful, and most importantly kind. I'm so thankful that because of her I was able to find my bun who is such a job in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her rabbitry to anyone!! Quotes
Holland Lop

Quotes Jobie He was such a relaxed bunny all the way home and he's now busy eating and playing with toys. What a sweetheart! he's absolutely wonderful and I just love him.I couldn't be happier with him. It is so obvious how much time you put into raising him. I've never had a rabbit that wanted to be held so much to the extent he crawls right on to my lap to take a nap. He's got the most wonderful disposition and personality! He's got me completely wrapped around his little paw! He's all curled up with me on the sofa now. Did I say how much I love him? Quotes
Velveteen Lop Owner

Quotes Best bunnies ever! So glad I got these 2 boys, Rolo and Olaf! Only after being home for 3 days these boys are already using their litterbox. They are finally venturing out of their cage and hopping/running around the room. Each one has their own unique personality! Thank you Kim! Quotes
Holland Lop Customer

Quotes I just wanted to come here and say how much we love our penny girl. We purchased her from Kim's and picked her up 1 1/2 weeks ago. She is so loving and funny. We had a rabbit who passed away a little over a year ago and my daughter was heart broken. He was a good rabbit but penny has such an amazing personality I never knew rabbits could have. Kim was such a great person to work with and if we were to get another down the road there's no doubt in my mind I would contact kim. It was a far drive from us but so worth it! Thank you again! Quotes

Quotes Let me just was love at first sight! He could not be anymore perfect. He seems very happy here speeding around , hopping and what a cuddle bunny! He has even used the litter box twice. I can't thank you enough. We are so happy with him. Quotes
Happy Velveteen Lop Owner

Quotes I absolutely love my Holland lop bunny! She's so sweet and isn't shy at all. She's pretty easy to take care of and it wasn't hard to potty train her! Anyway thanks again, she's great! Quotes
Tara Horn

Quotes My male Velveteen, Baloo, from Kim is the absolute best! He is so affectionate, not at all skittish, and is such a character. True to bunny nature, he can be a little mischievous but I found he?s highly trainable and after 2 weeks of tough love, he doesn?t even attempt to nibble on things like the baseboards or wooden furniture. He even knows some tricks like spin and go on the mat. I love him so much! Quotes

Quotes We got a velveteen buck from her in August. He is one of the nicest rabbits! I am a middle school teacher and take him with me most days! He has his home cage and his school cage. He is wonderful! Quotes
Mary Clements

Quotes I have a female velveteen since August and she is healthy and so lovable. She loves people, car rides, and having full run of the house. Quotes
Taylor Sprenkle
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