Kim's Hopping Lops

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Our Velveteen Lops

The Storybook rabbit is real!

We have Velveteen Lop babies AVAILABLE!

Check out our Nursery page and Velveteen Lops for sale page for pictures and contact me with questions


Velveteen Lop bucks


Noble Fur HGF's Sheriff Woody

Name: Noble Fur HGF's Sheriff Woody
Breed: Velveteen Lop
Color: broken chestnut
Lines include: South Hollands, Journey Home, Hagan's Hares

HGF's Lenny Lynx

Name: HGF's Lenny Lynx

Breed: Velveteen Lop

Color: solid lynx

Lines include: Noble Fur, South Hollands, Journey Home 


Velveteen Lop does


HGF's Jessie

Name: HGF's Jessie

Breed: Velveteen Lop

Color: broken red

Lines include: Noble Fur, South Hollands, Journey Home text


Heavenly's Jane

Name: Haevenly's Jane
Breed: Vevleteen Lop
Color: solid orange
Lines include: Triple H,  Kim's Hopping Lops. Hops N Kisses, OTLM, Bruce and Brend, Bella's Bunnies, Happy Hour, RBB, South Holland, Riuchard's


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  • "I have a few pictures below to share because we are so happy with our bunny! She is very fun loving and we love having her with us. We were a bit nervous about our cat, who we e..."
    Anna & Rob
  • "Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the holland lop! My family adopted an orange female lop just before Easter. We named her Ginger, and she's been such a welcome addition ..."
  • "He is amazing and we love him so much! Just got back from the vet for his check up, he is very healthy! He will be fixed Thurs. He had all the vet techs wrapped around his pa..."
    Bronco the Velveteen Lop new owners