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Bringing Bunny Home

 This page includes some information on what your bunny comes with, what you need when you come get your bunny, and what you may want to have at home waiting for your bunny.




What does my bunny come with?

Each bunny leaves here with a small bag of transition feed, a small amount of hay, and a toy. Contact us to let us know if you would like the bunny's pedigree and we will let you know if he/she comes with it or if it is an additional fee, as well as if you would like the pedigree let me know that way I have it ready for you when you pick up your bunny.


What do I need for my bunny?

You will need to get rabbit feed. We will provide you with a small amount of the feed he or she is currently eating for you to mix in with the feed you decide to get for him or her (mixing the feed is to help the bunny transition from one feed to another).  If you would like to continue the bunny on the feed he or she is used to just ask us what type we are currently feeding. (Remember, the bunny should not be eating any fruits, vegetables, or any other types of treats until he or she is at least six months old. Also remember not to give them too many. Also if you are unsure if the rabbit can eat it please look it up - not everything is safe for them to eat.) 

You will need a cage or hutch. Keep in mind the bunny's size (not only now, but when he or she is fully grown). You will want a cage/hutch that will still be an appropriate size even when the bunny is full grown. You may also want get some sort of bedding/shavings for any solid bottom areas or the cage/hutch or for any pans below. We also recommend getting a resting mat for the wire bottom cages/hutches. Tile can also work for as a resting mat and can keep them cooler during the warmer weather. (Please note if your  bunny is a Velveteen Lop, they are more likely to get sore hocks, and should have a cage/hutch with at least half solid bottom and or have the wire bottom covered with some sort of resting mats.) Please keep in mind if it is cold out and the bunny has been used to the warm indoor temperature it is best for the bunny that he/she remain living indoors at least until it warms up in the spring, as the change to the cold can shock the rabbit. 

You will need a food bowl. There are many different types that you can get. We recommend the ceramic bowls, the metal bowls, or metal feeders. The ceramic bowls, metal bowls, and metal feeders are good because the bunny should not be able to chew them up. Ceramic bowls are generally harder for a bunny to move or dump (compared to a plastic bowl and some metal, bowls). The metal bowls and feeders can be attached to the side of the cage/hutch, and should not be dumped or moved by the bunny since they will be attached to the cage/hutch.

You will need a water bottle or bowl. Some bunnies prefer the to have their water in a bowl because it may be easier to drink from. (Feel free to ask which your bunny is currently drinking from or prefers.)

You can get hay for your bunny. The bunny can be given hay at any time and can have access to it anytime. 

Toys are good to get for your bunny. Bunnies do enjoy playing with their toys. They may chew, roll, pick up, and, or toss their toys.  Wooden toys are great - bunnies love to chew, and chewing also keeps their teeth a healthy length. (Be sure not to give your bunny any woods that rabbits should not have, or woods that are treated with anything.) 

You should also get grooming items for your bunny. The main grooming items we recommend are nail clippers, kwik stop, a grey hound comb, and a gentle slicker brush.  Of course you get other grooming items for your bunny. No matter which breed of bunny you have you will need nail clippers so that way you can trim the bunny's nails. We recommend getting kwik stop, so that way if you accidentally cut the bunny's nail(s) too short, you can use the quick stop to stop the bleeding quickly. A grey hound comb (or similar metal comb) is good to use to comb through the bunny's hair so that way it does not get matted. When picking out a slicker brush make sure that it is a gentle one, other ones can be too hard for the bunny, and still keep in mind that you will need to brush gently as bunny's skin is thin and delicate. 

Educational resources! Before and even after getting your bunny you can get education resources to help educate you on rabbits in general, a particular breed, feeding, housing, care, etc etc. Resources include books, magazines, internet, etc.



Where should I put my bunny's cage/hutch?

Most cages are meant to be kept indoors. When you get a hutch make sure you look it over well and know where you'll be keeping it. Some hutches aren't quite made properly to be put outside, so be sure to look over it well and see whether it is meant to be inside or outside. 

Make sure the bunny's cage/hutch is away from predators.  This goes for inside and outside placement of the cage/hutch. If you have other pets in your home or yard you will probably want to make sure that the bunny's cage/hutch is placed away from the area the other pets if you know or think they may go after the bunny. 

Keep in mind if the bunny is in a sunny area (whether it be inside near a window, or in an area of the yard without shade), that the bunny can get very warm. If it is already warm in the house, a warm spring day, or a hot summer day - you may have to worry about bunny overheating which can lead to death.



What do I need to bring with me when I pick up my bunny?

You will need to bring a carrier for your bunny to ride home in. We suggest having some sort of bedding in the cage or in the pan below the cage in case the bunny pees on the way home. 

If you have paid the 50% deposit, then the remaining 50% will be due in cash when you come to pick up your bunny.

If you have not reserved any bunny with a deposit - the full 100% will be due in cash when you take your bunny home. 



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