Kim's Hopping Lops

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It's always nice to hear how our bunnies are doing in their new homes - thank you to anyone who has let us know how the rabbit(s) they got from us is doing, and or shared pictures of the rabbits they got from us on our Facebook page Kim's Hopping Lops. 

Quotes We love her, thank you very much, she will be soo loved. <3 Quotes
Christine & Alivia
Cupcake's owners

Quotes Thanks for such an awesome bunny! Quotes
Holland Lop Owner

Quotes Hey Kim, just wanted to share this picture of little Rex. He's a very happy and curious bun :) Quotes
Rex's (Holland Lop) owner

Quotes I think he like his new home, thanks again. He's so cute and getting really spoiled. Quotes
Holland Lop Owner

Quotes I just recently purchased my Velveteen Lop from Kim. I have had many Bunnies before but the quality of her Bunnies is the Best!! I drove all the way from South Jersey to get my baby. Thank you Kim, for the BEST Bunny Ever!!!! He is so sweet. Quotes
Velveteen Lop Owner

Quotes We really love the rabbit so much. She is so smart too Quotes
Lionhead Owner

Quotes Pepper adjusted to her new home well. We have a separate playpen area set up for her which she loves. She is so sweet and has a great disposition. We just love her! Thank you! Quotes
Lionhead Owner
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